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Downloads and Upgrades: Schrodinger Life Sciences 2013-2; BiNGO 3.0.1; and NextGene


Schrödinger Life Sciences 2013-2 is now available.

This release features improvements to the company's Small-molecule Drug Discovery suite, which provides tools for lead discovery and optimization; its Biologics suite, which offers tools for modeling biologics, antibodies, and proteins; and its Materials Science suite, which offers tools for computing the structure, reactivity, and properties of chemical systems.

An updated version of BiNGO 3.0.1 is now available from the Cytoscape app store.

This updated version of the tool resolves issues that caused the app not to install properly. This version of BiNGO is compatible with Cytoscape 3.0.0 and higher.

SoftGenetics has added a copy number variation detection tool to its NextGene software.

With the CNV detection tool, which is available in NextGene 2.3.4, calls are made on the basis of changes in coverage, utilizing automatic measurement of noise and a novel Hidden Markov Model.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released Sequence Viewer 2.27.

Features in this release include new tiling path and contig tracks for assembled records, an interface to VDB cSRA graphs storage, and several bug fixes.

NCBI also released an updated version of dbSNP build 138.

This update includes data for mouse, Arabidopsis thaliana, honeybee, Caenorhabditis elegans, and rice. Overall, it provides more than 505 million submissions and 226 million reference variants for 131 species.

The genome browser group at the University of California, Santa Cruz has released three tracks that describe human genetic variation. These tracks are based on data in the Leiden Open Variation Database, the public version of the Human Gene Mutation Database, and the UniProt database.