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Downloads and Upgrades: SaveMy23 and A New Human Genome Assembly


Portable Genomics has released a free app called SaveMy23 that lets users obtain and store copies of their 23andMe data.

Using the 23andMe API, SaveMy23 connects directly to users’ accounts and automatically downloads data. It then compresses and encrypts the files using the individuals’ 23andMe passwords as keys, and emails the encrypted files to the user. Portable Genomics does not access nor save any of the information or data.

Portable is also beta testing a second application called NuMe that will let users browse their 23andMe results on mobile devices

The Genome Reference Consortium has submitted a new assembly for the human genome to GenBank. These data are now available in the assembly database with accession GCA_000001405.15 and are also available via ftp. The GRC provides these assemblies as un-annotated sequences.

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