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Downloads and Upgrades: Reactome 44 and ACD/Spectrus DB


Reactome 44 is available here.

Topics with new or revised information include immune system, cell cycle, extracellular matrix organization, metabolism, signal transduction, transmembrane transport of small molecules, and disease. New pathway illustrations include apoptosis extrinsic pathway, and trafficking and processing of endosomal toll-like receptors.

Advanced Chemistry Development, a cheminformatics software developer, has launched ACD/Spectrus DB, the database at the core of its Spectrus integrated analytical and chemical knowledge management platform.

According to its developers, ACD/Spectrus DB gathers information from multiple analytical instruments and connects chemical structures, reactions, schema, related analytical data, and chemical information, among other features. Users can make customizations to their systems such as automated processing, interpretation, sample tracking, and visualization.

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