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Downloads and Upgrades: OmicsOffice 5, Reactome 45, Genome-euro, and NCBI Updates


Integromics has released OmicsOffice 5, the latest version of its software for analyzing and integrating genomic data.

OmicsOffice — which is powered by the Tibco Spotfire platform — provides a set of statistical tools for analyzing microarray, next-generation sequencing, and qPCR data.

Integromics also announced an agreement with PerkinElmer that lets the latter distribute OmicsOffice.

Reactome 45 is available here.

There are two new topics in this release: reproduction and SUMOylation. Topics with new or revised information include apoptosis, cell cycle, disease, extracellular matrix organization, immune system, metabolism, and signal transduction.

The genome browser group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has launched Genome-euro, a new mirror site that will serve users in Europe.

The server, which is located at Bielefeld University's center for biotechnology in and administered by UCSC, is intended to serve as an alternate, faster access point for users who are geographically closer to central Europe than to the western United States. All functionality will be the same as on the US server, although custom tracks will not be transferred. Also saved sessions containing custom tracks will require some manual intervention

The backup mirror in Aarhus, Denmark will continue to serve as a emergency site in the event of the official sites in California and Germany malfunctioning.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has launched a news site that provides updated information about the NCBI's services and activities.

The NCBI also launched an updated version of SRA-BLAST that lets users run targeted searches on SRA experiments among other features. The NCBI has also added an 'Upload Tracks' system to its epigenomics resource that lets users view and compare their own data to information stored by NCBI.

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