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Downloads and Upgrades: Nexus for OncoScan, Genedata Screener 11, miRSearch 2.0, and more


This week, Affymetrix and BioDiscovery jointly launched Nexus for OncoScan, a tool based on BioDiscovery's Nexus Copy Number software for customers of Affymetrix's OncoScan FFPE Express 2.0 Service, which generates whole genome copy number data from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded solid tumor samples.

Separately, BioDiscovery released Nexus Copy Number 7.

This latest version of the tool, which is used for analyzing structural variation from CGH and SNP arrays, and next generation sequencing platforms, includes support for small sequence variations, such as point mutations, insertions and deletions, and inversions as well as new computational and visualization tools for identifying and displaying co-occurring aberrations among other capabilities.

Genedata has launched Genedata Screener 11, the latest release of its compound screening software.

This version supports compound combination screens which are used to analyze compound synergy effects as well as high throughput flow cytometry including cell sub-population analysis. It also supports high, medium, and low throughput screens, high content screening, ion channel screening, label-free, and other assay technologies.

Exiqon has launched miRSearch 2.0, the newest version of its online search tool for rapid retrieval of microRNA information and related mRNA and lncRNA information.

This release includes new data that lets users search for and find microRNAs linked not only to specific target genes but also a large number of diseases as well as tissues and sample types, all supported by references. Also, miRSearch now displays detailed microRNA related information for all human, mouse and rat microRNAs in miRBase.

Life Technologies and Ridom have launched SeqSphere+ — a whole genome bacterial typing software for users of Ion Torrent's Ion Personal Genome Machine sequencer.

The tool's features include a DNA re-sequencing editor that edits and analyzes de novo or reference-mapped assemblies of NGS data and automatically corrects homopolymer related indel errors; analytical tools that let users select data entries from a comparison table for epidemiologic, evolutionary or functional analysis; and a database to store, search, retrieve, export, and create reports as well as to search new sequence entries against stored data among other capabilities.

BioData has integrated Addgene's plasmid database with its Labguru, BioData's web-based research and laboratory management software.

The arrangement gives Labguru users access to 22,000 plasmids.

Genalice is preparing to launch a beta version of its first product called Genalice Map, which is a short-red sequence data alignment tool.

According to Genalice, the software can process raw sequence data, quickly, cost effective, and reliably and save it to a small file for further analysis. The company released the results of internal benchmarking tests last September (BI 9/14/2012).