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Downloads and Upgrades: NCBI Resource Pages and Updates to UCSC Genome Browser


The National Center for Biotechnology Information has created resource pages for the Ebolavirus and MERS coronavirus to give users easy access to sequences related to these pathogens. These pages aggregate links to virus data at NCBI and also provide important links out to other information at the CDC, WHO, and HealthMap.

NCBI has also created dedicated virus variation databases for Ebolavirus and MERS coronavirus. These databases allow searching for nucleotide and protein sequences by criteria such as host, sequence patterns, region or country of isolation, and collection or release dates.

The genome browser group at the University of California, Santa Cruz has released a new Ebola genome browser. It aligns 148 genomic sequences from Ebola virus collected from the current and previous outbreaks, and also includes sequences from the related Marburg virus.

The group also said this week that data from the Ensembl Regulatory build is now available in the UCSC browser as a public track hub for both hg19 and hg38. This track hub contains promoters and their flanking regions, enhancers, and many other regulatory features.

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