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Downloads and Upgrades: MassHunter Profinder; GenBank 199.0, and Ensembl Genomes 21


Agilent Technologies has released MassHunter Profinder, new software that’s designed for batch processing of complex mass spectrometric data.

According to the developers, MassHunter Profinder uses proprietary algorithms that are specially designed to identify differential compounds in highly complex data sets. It significantly reduces the noise associated with data profiling by employing a new recursive feature extraction workflow, which eliminates additional manual editing tasks such as stacking, adding, and deleting peaks. It also includes user-defined peak re-integration capabilities to help users identify fewer false-positives/negatives in their results.

GenBank Release 199.0 is now available via FTP from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Uncompressed flatfiles in this release require roughly 618 gigabytes for sequence files only. The ASN.1 data require approximately 508 GB.

The NCBI's rat genome annotation has also been updated to release 104.

Release 21 of Ensembl Genomes is available here.

This release includes updates to Ensembl Bacteria, Ensembl Fungi, Ensembl Metazoa, Ensmbly, Plants, and Ensembl Protists.