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Downloads and Upgrades: Labguru2, Geneious R6.1, ENCODE Analysis Data Hub, and more


This week, BioData released Labguru 2, the latest version of its life science research and lab management software.

This version of the tool has simpler menus and navigation tools, a live feed of ongoing research in the lab, a whiteboard for sharing important messages, a more comprehensive storage module to help users locate and track items in the lab, and bulk tagging and organization tools, among other updates.

Biomatters has released Geneious R6.1, the latest version of its DNA, RNA, and protein sequence alignment, assembly, and analysis software.

The release includes applications for automatically annotating plasmids and other sequences, an improved reference assembly algorithm, and a new cloning primer design tool, among other updates.

An updated version of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements' Analysis Data Hub is available here.

The ENCODE Analysis Data Hub hosts uniformly processed files produced by the ENCODE analysis working group. This release includes new metadata that has been added to the data tracks, and offers a supplementary metadata file for download. It also includes updates to the ENCODE portal downloads page that make the resource more accessible.

A beta version of the Cytoscape Network Inference, or Cyni, Toolbox is available for download from the Cytoscape app store.

Cyni is a collection of tools for biological network inference. It provides several commonly used network inference techniques, data imputation and discretization techniques, and a documented application programming interface.

A web server for analyzing hidden stops in frame-shifted translations, dubbed SHIFT, is available here.