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Downloads and Upgrades: GenomeBrowse 2, Cascade, HomoloGene 68, and more


Golden Helix has released GenomeBrowse 2, the latest version of its free genome browser for viewing sequence data. The release includes new features such as the ability to add custom genome reference sequences; integration with Evernote, which is a free app for organizing and sharing notes; as well as the ability to control the tool remotely.

The UCSC bioinformatics group said this week that it has added multiple genome segmentations tracks from the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements. These tracks display multivariate genome-segmentation performed on six human cell types, integrating ChIP-seq data for eight chromatin marks, RNA Polymerase II, the CTCF transcription factor, and input data.

The group also said that the browser's default displayed Transcription Factor ChIP-seq track will soon be moved to point to the latest data release.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released HomoloGene 68.

In this release, genome annotation was updated for 19 organisms, the number of HomoloGene groups increased to 44,233, and one organism, Xenopus tropicalis, was added. The release is available via ftp.

Dotmatics has released Cascade, a new solution that the company has developed for compound management and project tracking.

According to the company, Cascade includes tools to map laboratory workflows and business practices and lets users track samples and test results, among other features.