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Downloads and Upgrades: Genedata Selector for Beer, Wine, and Spirits; Exemplar Biomarker Discovery LIMS; and more


This week, Genedata released Genedata Selector for Beer, Wine, and Spirits, a platform which is to analyze the genomes of brewing yeast and other microbes vital to the fermentation processes.

According to the developers, the software enables researchers to optimize production strains and develop testing tools that monitor product quality, yeast viability, genetic drift, and microbial purity. The platform includes pre-processed "gold standard" genome data from beer and wine yeast strains, as well as plants and industry-specific microbes. It allows researchers to integrate a variety of experimental data from omics studies and to store intellectual property.

This week, Sapio Sciences launched the Exemplar Biomarker Discovery laboratory information management system for use by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The LIMS software includes a data model, which can be adapted to meet client's data tracking needs; tools for sample management; data loaders for common assay types and standardized formats; and data mining tools among other features.

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute have released XCMS Online, a web-based platform for processing and analyzing liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data.

According to the developers, the system detects peaks; aligns retention times between samples; determines metabolites that are present at different concentrations in different samples; assigns possible identities to those metabolites by comparing experimental data with the Metabolite and Tandem MS database; and performs multivariate statistical analysis.

A new Blast page for microbial genomes is now available from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The page was redesigned to make it easier to use and to provide better integration with other Blast pages. Users can select taxonomic categories through an auto-complete mechanism as well as include or exclude multiple taxonomic categories. Also, the search sets for nucleotide databases have been divided into complete and draft genomes. The page also includes standard features of other Blast pages, such as the ability to optimize for a specific search.

The old microbial genomes page will be available here until the end of June.

Researchers from the Victorian Bioinformatics Consortium have released version 1.0 of the Velvet Assembler Graphical Front End, or VAGUE, a graphical user interface front end for the Velvet de novo assembler.