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Downloads and Upgrades: Entrez Starter kit, Accelrys Capture, Scripps Wellderly Genome Resource, UCSC Genome Browser


Kepler Biocomputing has released Entrez Starter kit, a collection of scripts for creating a local MySQL database of selected core annotations from Entrez Gene, Homologene, and National Center for Biotechnology Information Taxonomy.

Researchers from Drexel University have released Pdbcircleplot, a new visualization method for protein structures.

According to the developers, the program displays residue contacts as links between residues shown along a circle, lets users display additional data tracks using a predefined set of residue properties such as conservation, solvent accessibility, and more.

Accelrys has launched Accelrys Capture, an application for mobile devices that facilitates rapid, paperless recording at the laboratory bench.

According to the company, the solution allows scientists to work more intuitively and efficiently with laboratory informatics software like the Accelrys Electronic Laboratory Notebook. It has an easy-to-use interface through which scientists enter information, view procedures, and capture data from laboratory instrumentation among other capabilities. It is currently available as an addition to Accelrys ELN but will be extended to other laboratory informatics products in the company's portfolio.

The Scripps Translational Science Institute has made genomic data from the Wellderly Study publicly available.

The Scripps Wellderly Genome Resource contains whole genome sequences from the 454 participants in the Wellderly Study, an ongoing STSI research project focused on identifying genes associated with lifelong health.

The developers of the UCSC Genome Browser have released an early version of the browser for the new GRCh38 human genome assembly. The releases includes alternate sequences for select variant regions, a new method of representing centromeres, corrections to erroneous bases and misassembled regions, and more.