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Downloads and Upgrades: DNANexus' Developer Program, Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences, and more


DNAnexus has launched a developer program that offers bioinformaticians and software engineers the technical and support resources needed to create and integrate data analysis applications on its platform.

Participants receive a software development kit, an application programming interface, as well as an app 'wizard' and templates. They'll also receive free technical support from the DNAnexus engineering team and an initial $1,000 credit for use in accessing cloud-based storage and computational resources.

DNAnexus' platform currently has apps for assembly, alignment, annotation, debugging, RNA-seq, and variation calling, with many others under development. Its library includes BWA, Cufflinks, FastQC, GATK-Lite, Picard, RSeQC, SAMtools, SomaticSniper, TopHat, and SPAdes.

This week, Dell launched Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences, a high performance solution that it is offering for genomic data collection and analysis.

According to Dell, the system, which will be available in the US from August, can process up to 38 genomes per day and 266 genomes per week.

PerkinElmer has launched two new chemical structure drawing and visualization apps for iPads — ChemDraw and Chem3D.

The ChemDraw app is drawing tool used by chemists in education and R&D as well as for t publishing structures in scientific articles, journals and patents. The Chem3D app is a molecular viewer that lets users download and display 3D structures of many types. Users can rotate, expand, and contract the structures to get a richer view of their spatial properties. Also, the Chem3D app can display models as ball-and-stick, wireframe, space-filling, and cartoon and can apply these modes to a wide variety of structures including proteins, DNA, RNA, crystals, assemblies, and small organics.

Both apps also used PerkinElmer's Flick-to-Share technology, which lets users share molecular structures across mobile devices.

Velvet 1.2.10 is now available here.

This version fixes a bug and includes a script to preprocess reads, do some trimming, quality filtering, and then separate the paired reads from the singletons.

Sigma-Aldrich's life sciences arm has launched OligoEvaluator, an online tool that lets users analyze the physical properties of oligonucleotide sequences ahead of PCR and other common techniques.

According to the company, the OligoEvaluator calculates oligonucleotide properties, such as molecular weight and melting temperature, as well as oligonucleotide resuspension and dilution volumes.