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Downloads and Upgrades: Chimera 1.8, Oncomine NGS Power Tools, Biacore T200 2.0, and more


The University of California, San Francisco, has released Chimera 1.8.

New features in this version of the tool include a REST interface, session thumbnail images, electric field line display, interactive arrow repositioning, improvements to animation, Mac multi-touch trackpad support, and support for new formats such as the rich molecular format.

Also, the UCSC bioinformatics group has added a new genome browser for the ferret, Mustela putorius furo, genome assembly.

Bulk downloads of the sequence and annotation data may be obtained from the ftp server or the downloads page.

This week, Life Technologies launched Oncomine Next Gen Sequencing Power Tools, a suite of software tools to help cancer researchers analyze next-generation sequence data.

Oncomine NGS Power Tools enables cancer researchers analyze novel predicted driver mutations and gene fusions across all cancers and within two dozen specific cancers types, as well as explore simple summary analyses that integrate multiple types of gene and pathway aberrations with clinical data.

Power Tools is part of the Oncomine product line, which was initially developed by Compendia Bioscience, an Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company that was acquired by Life Tech last October (BI 10/12/2012).

GE Healthcare has launched Biacore T200 2.0, a new version of its molecular interaction data screening software.

According to the company, this release includes algorithms that simplify and speed up the generation and transformation of raw label-free interaction data into useful information thus reducing the time needed for screening and hit validation. It also includes wizards that guide assay set up, and options for designing custom assays.

OpenEye has released OMEGA 2.5 and EON 2.2.

This latest version of OMEGA has features such as an option to allow hydrogen atoms take part in conformational sampling as well as several bug fixes.

Features in EON 2.2 include a change to its default hit list format and bug fixes.

Kinexus has launched DrugKiNET, an open-access repository of quantitative data on the effects of over 800 chemical compounds on more than 400 protein kinases.

Cresset has released BlazeGPU, a graphics processing unit-based version of its ligand-based virtual screening software.

According to Cresset, this version of Blaze runs 40 times faster than the central processing unit-based version of the software.

CLC Bio has released Molegro Virtual Docker 6.0

This version of the tool include new regression features, automated fine tuning of regression and classification model parameters, spring-mass maps for visualizing high-dimensional data, and more.

This week, Accelrys launched Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base, a new laboratory informatics system for designing, planning, and capturing data from scientific experiments.

EKB provides scientists with tools to search and mine experimentation data and it can also integrate and interoperate with existing lab equipment and applications.