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Downloads and Upgrades: CancerRx, iPathwayGuide, Maverix Analytic Platform, and More


CollabRx has launched CancerRx, a new oncology application that runs on Apple's operating system. The app provides oncologists and pathologists with treatment options that are based on their patients' tumors and also offers a daily newsfeed from MedPage Today.

Advaita Bioinformatics said this week that is iPathwayGuide application is now available in Illumina's BaseSpace Apps store.

According to the company, its web-based gene expression pathway analysis solution combines statistical over-representation analysis with pathway topology, which helps reduce false positive and negative results. Among other features, the tool highlights chains of perturbation propagation and drug targets directly on the pathway so that users can focus on potential points of interest.

Maverix Biomics has added new RNA-seq data analysis infrastructure to its cloud-based commercial platform.

According to the company, the updated Maverix Analytic platform now supports the latest version of the Cufflinks software, which includes capabilities that let users compare multiple samples more efficiently. Furthermore, the platform organizes these comparisons into a heatmap and lets users do things like filter and sort samples by parameters such as p-value, fold-change, and abundance as well as zoom in on specific genes of interest.

SoftGenetics has released several so-called Education Genetic Analysis Software packages for its Mutation Surveyor, GeneMarker, and GeneMarker HID commercial products that are intended to provide low cost means for university professors to teach advanced genetic analysis techniques.

The company is not disclosing the exact price of its instructor licenses. However, packages include lifetime no cost updates of the software, as well as unlimited six-month student versions and representative sample datasets. The packages also include online instructor training, webinars, and electronic user manuals.

DNAStar has released Lasergene 12, the newest version of its sequence analysis software.

This release includes improvements to the MegaAlign Pro sequence alignment application and to the tool's SNP calling and assembly algorithms; and introduces new simple workflows for clinical researchers analyzing data from gene panels as well as whole genome and exome data.

Genedata has released Genedata Screener 12, a new version of its screening solution.

Features in this release include an integrated screener core, which enables complete analysis parameterization, automated result calculation upon data import, and single-click navigation from dose-response curves to well data and back. It also includes an application for analyzing data from biosensor instruments including automated raw data loading, pre-processing, analysis, result generation, and reporting.

Linguamatics has launched I2E Semantic Enrichment, a solution used within an existing enterprise search deployment to enrich the current data.

According to the company, the software scans millions of documents to identify and mark-up semantic entities such as genes, drugs, diseases, organizations, authors, and other relevant concepts and relationships. It use natural language processing technology to find concepts in the right context, combined with a range of other strategies ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, rule-based pattern matching and disambiguation based on context. I2E also provides rich, multi-level facets for the search engine to help the user filter down to the most relevant results across the areas of interest.