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Downloads and Upgrades : Apr 16, 2010


Ariadne has released Pathway Studio Explore to help users visualize pathways for the Affymetrix GeneAtlas Personal Microarray System.

Pathway Studio Explore helps researchers build and study protein interaction networks and perform network analysis of experimental data, according to Ariadne. The software also offers a data analysis and visualization tool.

SoftGenetics has added a new variant scoring system to its NextGene software for use with second-generation sequence data.

The scoring system is based upon factors such as depth of coverage, directionality balance, homopolymer presence, and sequence direction with greater weighting being given to the 5' end of the sequence, the company said.

The Cytoscape development team has released version 2.7 of the network visualization software here.

New features include: Nested Networks, which let users link a node to an outside network to help capture relationships between networks; CyCommandHandlers, which adds a mechanism to allow for "inter-plugin communication;" New Edge Types, which adds edge types between solid and dashed types; and Automatic Label Wrap, which adds a visual property to set the width of a label. Cytoscape 2.7 offers support for BioPAX Level 3.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease's Bioinformatics and Computational Biosciences Branch has released a new Cytoscape plugin called Networks on Circular Chromosomes, or NetCirChro.

NetCirChro enables the visualization and analysis of network data on circular chromosome maps and is aimed at researchers working with bacterial systems, the developers said.

Genedata has released Screener 8, which includes a new interface that can be adapted to allow users to navigate readouts for tens to thousands of plates, the firm said. There are also features to "improve the handling of complex experiments," and a new application programming interface that lets users configure specific normalization methods to support analysis of assay types such as pharmacological screens.

Dotmatics has released Studies Notebook, an electronic laboratory notebook that supports chemistry, biology, and ad hoc research.

Studies Notebook is accessed via a web browser and does not require installation on a user's desktop, the company said. The application runs on a single server within an organization's network.

Studies Notebook runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and the Apple iPad.

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Isentris for SharePoint, a collection of Microsoft SharePoint components geared toward knowledge sharing and collaboration in R&D environments.

Scientists using Symyx Isentris can now view and share their latest project information in the SharePoint portal. Users can also download files from SharePoint to the Isentris client to access the software's query/browse, analysis, and reporting capabilities and then post their analysis back to SharePoint where colleagues will be able to access it.

The Scan

Fertility Fraud Found

Consumer genetic testing has uncovered cases of fertility fraud that are leading to lawsuits, according to USA Today.

Ties Between Vigorous Exercise, ALS in Genetically At-Risk People

Regular strenuous exercise could contribute to motor neuron disease development among those already at genetic risk, Sky News reports.

Test Warning

The Guardian writes that the US regulators have warned against using a rapid COVID-19 test that is a key part of mass testing in the UK.

Science Papers Examine Feedback Mechanism Affecting Xist, Continuous Health Monitoring for Precision Medicine

In Science this week: analysis of cis confinement of the X-inactive specific transcript, and more.