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Downloads and Upgrades: Oct 15, 2010


This week, MolSoft released a new version of its ICM-Browser and ActiveICM plugin.

According to the developers, this release of the browser lets users build and save annotated and interactive 3D molecules and display them in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer; display fully interactive molecules and ligand pocket surfaces; add and optimize hydrogens to Protein Data Bank structures; calculate and display molecule surfaces; and save publication-quality molecular graphics files in a variety of image formats.

Exiqon, a Danish supplier of gene expression analysis products, has launched microRNA qPCR assay design software for use in designing custom qPCR assays and mRNA Detection probe software, which will be used to design locked nucleic acid probes to detect mRNA using in situ hybridization.

According to the company, the web-based microRNA qPCR assay design tool includes an advanced algorithm that evaluates more than 3,000 primer pair designs based on more than 60 different design criteria in less than 2 minutes. The mRNA Detection probe software evaluates more than 5,000 designs based on more than 20 design criteria in about a minute.

This week, the caBench-to-Bedside arm of the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid announced that web-based support, including documentation and interactive forums, for the caB2B software suite is now available through the caGrid Knowledge Center.

The caB2B suite permits translational research scientists to search and combine data from virtually any caGrid data service.

The suite is composed of three components: a web application that provides query templates that allow easy search and retrieval of microarray data, imaging data, specimen data, and nanoparticle data across the grid; a client application that lets users create and execute queries across the caGrid data services; and a query component that consists of a diagrammatic view that lets users create a directed acyclic graph of the query that is to be executed and also helps the user to connect two or more classes to be searched.

The Scan

Not Yet a Permanent One

NPR says the lack of a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner has "flummoxed" public health officials.

Unfair Targeting

Technology Review writes that a new report says the US has been unfairly targeting Chinese and Chinese-American individuals in economic espionage cases.

Limited Rapid Testing

The New York Times wonders why rapid tests for COVID-19 are not widely available in the US.

Genome Research Papers on IPAFinder, Structural Variant Expression Effects, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Markers

In Genome Research this week: IPAFinder method to detect intronic polyadenylation, influence of structural variants on gene expression, and more.