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Downloads and Upgrades: Mar 13, 2009


DNAStar has released ArrayStar v3.0, an upgrade to its gene expression analysis software that includes new functionality in the areas of normalization, gene ontology, and data transformations.

The company said that it has also released an additional module for the software called QSeq, which helps users analyze data from second-generation sequencers for digital gene expression and RNA-Seq applications.

Proxeon said that it has updated its ProteinCenter data-interpretation tool to include integration with the KEGG pathway repository so that researchers can link identified proteins directly to the biological pathways in which they are involved.

PerkinElmer has released version 6.1 of its Labworks LIMS, which includes a "zero footprint Web client" that gives users access to product testing results from any mobile web device or browser.

This new solution can be deployed with "minimal user training" and is designed to perform on a wide variety of Web browsers, the company said.

Microsoft and the Science Commons have released an Ontology Add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007 to help scientists add scientific hyperlinks as semantic annotations drawn from ontologies to their documents and research papers.

Microsoft is making the source code for both the Ontology Add-in for Office Word 2007 and the Creative Commons Add-in for Office Word 2007 tools available under the Open Source Initiative-approved Microsoft Public License on CodePlex, which is Microsoft's Web site for hosting open source projects.

By making the source code for the Ontology Add-in available under an open source license, Microsoft is letting users improve the Add-in or port it to other publishing systems. With this application, when researchers run structured queries in the Web, it will be easier to find peer-related documents and mark up papers as science evolves, the company said.

"Microsoft's openness in working with the Science Commons has significant implications for the scientific research community because it will make it easy for authors to link their documents straight into the semantic Web of science — making that research, data and material easier to find and use," said Philip Bourne, a researcher at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, in a statement.

Isilon has released the IQ 5400S storage system, which delivers more than 1 million IOPS from a single file system and over 30 gigabytes per second of aggregate throughput from a single file system. It is listed at $49,999 per node.

The company has also released the IQ 36000X, which delivers up to 3.45 petabytes of capacity and over 30 GBps of throughput from a single file system. It features a three-fold increase in capacity per node and a 33 percent increase in disk density per rack unit over previous X-Series models, the company said. The Isilon IQ 36000X is listed at $137,000 per node.

Another new product, the IQ 36NL, houses 36 TB of raw storage in a 4U chassis and scales out to 3.45 petabytes in a single file system. The Isilon IQ 36NL is listed at $72,000 per node.

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Study Considers Gene Regulatory Features Available by Sequence-Based Modeling

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Genetic Testing Approach Explores Origins of Blastocyst Aneuploidy

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