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Dotmatics Launches Third-Party App Program


NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – This week, Dotmatics launched the Ecosystem Program through which third-party organizations can develop and integrate their scientific applications into its informatics platform.

The program will add to the existing capabilities of Dotmatics' platform and extends ongoing development activity within the company, according to Dotmatics CEO Stephen Gallagher. "Many third party organizations have already integrated their applications, and many users have developed new functionality to address their specific needs directly within our platform [so] this new program puts a formal framework around an activity that has been growing organically at Dotmatics," he said in a statement.

Dotmatics platform is an integrated system that includes knowledge management applications and information query and reporting modules as well as data analysis and visualization tools. The web-based architecture will enable applications from third-party vendors to be instantly deployed with existing Dotmatics modules including Browser, its information integration, mining, and reporting platform; Vortex, a visualization and analysis system; Register and BioRegister, which are chemistry and biology registration and data management modules; and Studies Notebook, which is an electronic lab notebook for biology and chemistry.