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Disease Spotlight, MDS Pharma Express, Insight II, Catalyst 3D, ClearSpeed CS301, GastroPlus, dbSNP build 117, Helicobacter pylori


Incyte has made its first Disease Spotlight data set, which focuses on breast cancer, freely available through its website ( The Disease Spotlight is a monthly sampling of the company’s Disease View Reports, a component of its Proteome BioKnowledge Library resource. October’s breast cancer spotlight includes 25 protein reports.

MDS Pharma Services has released version 2.0 of its MDS Pharma Express pharmacology data delivery system, which provides clients with access to preclinical pharmacology data in real time.

Accelrys said it plans to release its Insight II and Catalyst 3D modeling and simulation software suites for the Linux operating system. The company will collaborate with IBM to complete the porting and certify the products on IBM IntelliStation workstations running Red Hat Linux. The products are expected to be commercially available by December 2003.

Chipmaker ClearSpeed Technology has launched the ClearSpeed CS301, a multi-threaded array processor that provides more than twice the processing speed of competitive products, according to the company. ClearSpeed said the chip is well-suited for complex mathematically based applications such as computational biology and drug discovery.

Simulations Plus has released version 4.0 of its GastroPlus software, which simulates the oral absorption of drugs in humans and in laboratory animals. The company said the new version offers more physiologically correct modeling than previous versions.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information has released dbSNP build 117 at

Hybrigenics has released its Helicobacter pylori protein-interaction data set in PSI MI format at

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NBC News reports that the new Alzheimer's disease drug from Biogen could cost Medicare in the US billions of dollars.

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The Biden Administration likely won't meet its goal of sending 80 million SARS-CoV-2 vaccine doses abroad by the end of the month, according to the Washington Post.

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A new report calls on UK policymakers to review direct-to-consumer genetic testing regulations, the Independent reports.

PNAS Papers on Mosquito MicroRNAs, Acute Kidney Injury, Trichothiodystrophy

In PNAS this week: microRNAs involved in Aedes aegypti reproduction, proximal tubule cell response to kidney injury, and more.