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DeCyder, MOE, Marvin, BioCoRE, HapMap Phase II, Array Designer, Ian Currie


Downloads & Upgrades

GE Healthcare has released DeCyder 2D 6.5 and DeCyder Extended Data Analysis 1.0. DeCyder 2D 6.5 is a Windows XP-based software package for analyzing the company's Ettan 2-D DIGE 2D gels. According to GE Healthcare, the new version offers automated image analysis, eliminates spot-matching within gels, and uses an internal standard that increases the accuracy of measurements. DeCyder EDA 1.0 is integrated with DeCyder 2D 6.5 and allows researchers to combine their analysis of different data sets. DeCyder EDA uses multivariate analysis and clustering methods to uncover patterns in protein expression data from 2D DIGE experiments, the company said.

Chemical Computing Group has released MOE (Molecular Operating Environment) version 2005.06. The new release of the company's computational drug-design software includes new tools for bioinformatics, cheminformatics, high-throughput discovery, protein modeling, and structure-based design. New features include pharmacophore elucidation, automatic 2D depiction, ligand-receptor docking, and integration with MOPAC, GAMESS, and Gaussian.

ChemAxon has released version 4.0 of its Marvin suite of chemical-editing and visualization software. The release includes MarvinSpace, a new tool for 3D molecular structure visualization; MarvinSketch for creating and editing structures, queries, and reactions; MarvinView for viewing structural and non structural data; MolConverter for generating 2D/3D coordinates and converting chemical file types; and Calculator Plugins — a range of structure-based calculations and predictions for properties useful in life science research. A demo version of the new MarvinSpace module is available at

The Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois has released a new version of its Biological Collaborative Research Environment (BioCoRE) server software. BioCoRE is a web-based collaborative environment where users create project groups and can then share molecular views, messages, files, and other information among the members of their projects. BioCoRE is freely available for use and testing on the server, and the server software is distributed free of charge. According to its developers, the new version of BioCoRE includes a complete redesign of the interface and underlying code structure. The test server is available at, and the server software download is available at

The HapMap Data Coordination Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has made the first release of data from HapMap Phase II available for bulk download at This release contains data from the initial pilot work in Phase II covering chromosome 2p, and complements the previous Phase I release (16c.1). A total of 600,180 new genotype sets are available in the release, covering 54,016,200 genotypes. Future HapMap releases will contain combined genotypes from Phase I and Phase II.

Premier Biosoft International has released version 4 of Array Designer, a desktop software tool for designing oligos for microarrays. The new version of the software enables users to design whole-genome arrays and tiling arrays, the company said. A demo version of the software, which is compatible with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux, is available at


People in the News

Nonlinear Dynamics has appointed Ian Currie as European sales manager. Currie joins the firm from Amersham Biosciences (now part of GE Healthcare) where he worked for six years as project manager for the development of the company's DeCyder 2D gel analysis software.

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The Scan

Not Immediately Told

The US National Institutes of Health tells lawmakers that one of its grantees did not immediately report that it had developed a more infectious coronavirus, Science says.

Seems Effective in Kids

The Associated Press reports that the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children appears to be highly effective at preventing symptomatic disease.

Intelligence Warning on Bioeconomy Threats

US intelligence warns over China's focus on technologies and data related to the bioeconomy, the New York Times reports.

PLOS Papers on Campylobacteriosis Sources, Inherited Retinal Dystrophies, Liver Cancer Prognosis

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