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Convey Computer Offers Optimized Version of PacBioToCA Algorithm


Convey Computer has added an optimized version of PacBioToCA, a correction pipeline that facilitates the assembly of genomes sequenced with Pacific Biosciences' single molecule real-time sequencing technology, to its suite of bioinformatics algorithms.

Convey's version of the algorithm has been optimized to take advantage of the highly parallel processing architecture of the Convey hybrid-core system enabling it to work six to 15 times faster than standard implementations of the algorithm. "The speed up is significant; but even more importantly, researchers are now able to test more parameters," George Vacek, director of Convey’s life sciences business unit, said in a statement.

Kevin Corcoran, PacBio's senior vice president of market development, added that coupling PacBioToCA with Convey's infrastructure "allows our customers to dramatically speed up research for projects in areas such as functional genomics, comparative genomics, and beyond."

Convey has created optimized versions of several bioinformatics algorithms including the Convey GraphConstructor, used for de novo short read assembly; Smith-Waterman, used for local sequence alignment; and Burrows-Wheeler aligner which is used for reference mapping.

"Adding PacBioToCA to the Convey bioinformatics suite reflects our ongoing commitment to the bioinformatics and life sciences community," Vacek said. "We enjoy working with innovators to bring solutions to the industry that will help solve the challenges of the rapidly changing area of sequencing and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Pacific Biosciences and others on optimization of bioinformatics workflows."