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Compugen’s US Arm Leaves New Jersey for California

Compugen’s US subsidiary, Compugen USA Inc., said last week that it will move its headquarters from Jamesburg, NJ, to its existing business development, sales, and marketing offices in San Jose, Calif. The New Jersey offices will close by the end of the year.

Compugen established the Jamesburg office in 1998 for the sales and marketing of its Bioccelerator accelerator product line. The offices were later expanded to provide assistance to the Company’s Israel-based R&D operations. In 2000, the majority of Compugen’s commercialization activities were moved to the West Coast.

According to the company, the East Coast office became unnecessary after the sale of its Bioccelerator line last year, and its transition to a drug and diagnostic discovery company.

“The main focus of our commercialization efforts now relates to establishing partnerships based on our proprietary discovery engines and growing therapeutic and diagnostic pipeline,” Erez Chimovits, president of Compugen USA Inc., said in a statement “These commercialization activities are managed from our West Coast offices, and since they represent the primary function of the US subsidiary, we felt it appropriate to also have our US headquarters at the same location.”

VWR to Bundle GeneSifter Software with IBM Machines

VizX Labs, VWR International, and IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences have collaborated to create the VWR In Silico Program, in which VWR will market a bundled offering of IBM computers, VizX Labs’ GeneSifter microarray analysis system, and “other products.”

GeneSifter was previously available only through a web-based access model, GeneSifter.Net.

Under the program, scientific supplier VWR International will offer GeneSifter along with other, undisclosed products.

Biosystemix To Develop Modeling Tools for Canadian Research Consortium

Biosystemix said last week that it will develop predictive models for disease susceptibility and progression and therapeutic response for a consortium of Canadian genome researchers called S2K.

The S2K project is funded by Genome Canada and Genome Quebec.

The company will help the S2K researchers integrate and analyze gene expression, proteomics, and cellular immune response data in the areas of HIV and HCV infection, rheumatoid arthritis, and transplant rejection with the goal of finding better diagnostic and prognostic markers of these disorders and diseases.

Molecular Connections Taps UBI as Canadian Distributor

Molecular Connections said last week that United Bioinformatica Inc. (UBI) will distribute its NetPro protein interaction database in Canada.

UBI will also market Molecular Connections’ literature curation and annotation services in the Canadian market.

Strand Builds Stable of Distributors in Japan

Strand Genomics has added its second distributor for the Japanese market in as many weeks. Last week, the company said it had entered into a distribution agreement with Kurabo Industries for its Avadis microarray analysis software.

The week before that, Strand inked a distribution agreement for Avadis with Hitachi Software Engineering [BioInform 06-21-04].

Kurabo is a gene expression analysis service provider.

European Plant Experts Lay Out Vision for Plant Biotech

A consortium of European plant biotechnology experts presented a report to the EU last week, laying out a "vision" for European plant biotechnology for the next two decades.

The paper, entitled "Plants for the future: a European vision for plant biotechnology towards 2025," addresses the future of the E600 billion food industry. It calls for a strategic research agenda covering genomics, physiology, agronomy, ecology, bioinformatics, and other areas, as well as increased public and private R&D investment with enhanced research transparency.

“Although the focus of [previous] research has tended towards human genomics, investing more in researching plant genomics will pay potentially huge dividends,” the introduction to the report states.

The report was prepared by the Technology Platform on Plant Genomics and Biotechnology, a consortium of plant researchers, the food and biotech industry, the farming community, and consumers' organizations.

Click here for a copy of the report.

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