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Charles Cantor, John Cowell, Herbert Hauptman, Eugene Koonin, Michael Levitt, Craig Liddell, Thomas Colatsky, Ian Howes, Ted Slater, Frank White


The Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics has appointed seven members to its scientific advisory board: Charles Cantor, CSO of Sequenom; John Cowell, chairman of the department of cancer genetics at Roswell Park Cancer Institute; Herbert Hauptman, Nobel Laureate and president of Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute; Barry Honig, professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at Columbia University; Eugene Koonin, senior investigator at NCBI; Michael Levitt, chair of the department of structural biology at Stanford University School of Medicine; and Harold Scheraga, professor of chemistry, emeritus, at Cornell University.

Craig Liddell resigned August 7th as vice president of healthcare technologies at Paradigm Genetics. Liddell was previously vice president of informatics at the Research Triangle Park, NC, company. Thomas Colatsky, most recently president and CEO of Argolyn Bioscience, has joined Paradigm as vice president of healthcare research and will take on Lidell’s duties. Paradigm also announced that Ian Howes resigned as the company’s chief financial officer.

In addition, Paradigm’s former director of bioinformatics, Ted Slater, has joined Cambridge, Mass.-based knowledge assembly startup Genstruct as vice president.

Frank White, formerly director of business development at InforMax, has joined IBM Life Sciences as alliance program manager.


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