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CGH Analytics 3.4, Beacon Designer, Tripos Chemistry Extensions, ACD/ChemSketch Freeware, BioJava 1.5, GRAMS 8.0, PredictionBase 6.1

Agilent Technologies has released CGH Analytics 3.4, its software package for analyzing aberration patterns from multiple comparative genomic hybridization microarray profiles. The software accepts data output from Agilent Feature Extraction software and displays chromosomal deletions and amplifications at multiple zoom levels simultaneously. A 30-day free trial is available here.

Premier Biosoft has released version 6 of Beacon Designer, a PCR oligo-design software package. Version 6 includes support for MethyLight assays, a TaqMan probe-based technique used for DNA methylation profiling. Further details are available here.

Tripos has released the Tripos Chemistry Extensions package for the KNIME open-source workflow platform developed by researchers at the University of Konstanz. The package, available here, provides chemical structure manipulation, visualization, and other analysis features for the KNIME platform. The Tripos Chemistry Extensions package also enables other discovery informatics providers to ensure compatibility with KNIME, the company said. The base version of KNIME already incorporates more than 100 components for general data preprocessing, cleansing and data mining, as well as various interactive views.

Advanced Chemistry Development has released ACD/ChemSketch Freeware version 10, a chemical drawing package. The software offers tautomer recognition, 2D structure cleaning, 3D optimization and viewing, and drawing of polymers, organometallics, and Markush structures. The company said it will release version 10.0 of the commercial version of ACD/ChemSketch in November.

A beta distribution of BioJava 1.5 is available here. New features include biojavax extensions, a genetic algorithm library, and a new package for handling external processes.

Thermo Electron has released GRAMS 8.0, an update of its multi-vendor spectroscopy software package that can manage data from FT-IR, NIR, Raman, UV-Vis, fluorescence, NMR, and other instruments manufactured by multiple vendors. Version 8 includes improved workgroup and enterprise connectivity and a new web-based viewing and reporting tool called Envision.

IDBS has released PredictionBase 6.1, a predictive modeling application. PredictionBase includes a Model Quality Calculator for assessing the quality of models developed both within the PredictionBase suite and from user-developed algorithms. MQC is also available as a free downloadable module here.

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