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Celera Sequences First Human, HGP Done Two-Thirds, Draft Due in June



ASHINGTON--Celera Genomics announced last week that it had completed the sequencing phase of one person's genome and that it would begin to assemble, annotate, and collect genetic variation data on the sequence.

Celera said it would continue to perform human sequencing for single-nucleotide polymorphism diversity and for gap closure, and that it would begin sequencing the mouse genome.

Earlier this month, the Human Genome Project consortium announced that two billion of the human genome's three billion base pairs have been deciphered and deposited into GenBank. The working draft--to include 90 percent of the human DNA sequence--will be completed in June at an estimated cost of $250 million. The finished version of the human DNA sequence will be ready on or before 2003. The 2,178,076,000 unique base pairs now in GenBank have been mapped to their locations on the 24 human chromosomes.

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