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Causeway 1.1, PharmaTools, ProTS-Data, Lithium 2.0, Dazzle, FABA, CESE


QBioCom has released Causeway 1.1, a sequence analysis software package. Causeway runs as a web service that can be integrated with other applications and packages through XML. Causeway is QBioCom’s first product following its acquisition of Aneda in December.

Bruker Daltonics has released PharmaTools — a suite of drug discovery software that includes a new library search capability, an open access version of the Compass mass spectrometer software for multi-user environments, and Metabolic Profiler — a system designed to study metabolites as surrogate markers for efficacy, or to assess toxicity. The company said that PharmaTools now supports software for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Efeckta Technologies has launched ProTS-Data, a software program for analyzing mass spectrometry data for proteomics research. Efeckta said that it uses proprietary algorithms to remove background noise from datasets in order to provide more precise and accurate peptide peak detection results. A free 30-day trial is available at

Agilent Technologies has released protein confirmation software and system upgrades for its LC/MSD time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The new software determines the molecular weight of analyzed proteins to confirm the presence of desired recombinant proteins, Agilent said. Users can deconvolute raw data automatically using a built-in Bayesian algorithm or manually via a user interface.

Tripos has released Lithium 2.0 for the visualization of 3D chemical information. The new version permits users to share data through Microsoft Office applications using standard cut-and-paste features.

Version 1.01 of the Dazzle modular DAS server is available from the BioJava project at The release includes a new plug-in that allows Dazzle annotation servers to be backed by SQL databases in the LDAS format.

Version 1.6 of FABA (Functional Analysis by Association), a program for finding genes with similar functions, is available from Chang Bioscience at FABA 1.6 includes more than 3,300 public microarray datasets for human, mouse, and yeast.

Version 1.3 of CESE (Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment), a software package for computational electrophysiological simulations, is available at The release includes support for CellML.

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