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Blueprint Initiative, Intel Itanium 2, TrEMBL, HapMap Data Coordinating Center, BRENDA, Globus Toolkit, Ensembl 15


The Blueprint Initiative has released upgrades for BIND (Biomolecular Interaction Network Database), including an update of the BIND Data Manager software v2.0, which includes additional information in search summaries; improved linking structure; improved visualization for mass spectrometry-derived interactions; and BIND text query integration with the PreBIND text-mining system. In addition, a new structure for the daily release of the BIND databases has been implemented. BIND data is distributed at

Hewlett-Packard has released its new line of servers and workstations built on the Intel Itanium 2 processor. According to HP, the new Itanium delivers “up to 50 percent faster application performance than the previous Itanium 2-based systems to technical customers.”

Release 24 of the TrEMBL database is available from the EBI at The release, produced in sync with SwissProt release 41.13, contains 1,043,240 entries and 310,062,472 amino acids.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has launched a website for the HapMap Data Coordinating Center at This website serves as a download center for the International Haplotype Map project and offers public data downloads and some documentation. Genotype and minor allele frequencies for around 60,000 SNPs are currently available for download.

The BRENDA (Braunschweiger Enzyme Database), project at the University of Cologne Institute of Biochemistry has linked Gene Ontology cellular component terms to enzyme names and locations. Users can enter a GO ID in either the “localization” or “recommended name” fields in BRENDA and retrieve any enzymes with that location. The database is freely available to academic users at

The Globus grid computing project has released version 3.0 of the Globus Toolkit at GT3 is the first full-scale implementation of the Open Grid Services Infrastructure v1.0, a new grid computing specification to streamline resource monitoring, discovery, management, security, and file transfer.

Ensembl 15 is available at New data includes the finished human genome assembly (NCBI build 33). Annotation for the assembly comprises 23,299 protein-coding genes and 962 pseudogenes. Ensembl 15 also contains new assembly and annotation information for C. elegans and Drosophila, and new data for Danio rerio.

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