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Biopendium, Celera Discovery System, Onto-Express, GeneViz, GenescanView


London-based Inpharmatica has released the Celera Edition of its Biopendium protein structure/function database, which contains Celera’s proprietary human and mouse sequences along with biological data from the public domain.

The companies will jointly market the combined product. The recent restructuring at Applera, which made Celera’s sister company Applied Biosystems the distributor of the Celera Discovery System, will benefit Inpharmatica, according to David Ricketts, VP of business development: “We are expecting a positive impact given the focus and size of the ABI team,” he said. “The current staff will transition so we are expecting a good positive increment to our sales and marketing effort.”

Open Channel Software of Chicago has launched version 2.0 of Onto-Express, a program to automatically correlate gene expression profiles with biological functions. The software, developed jointly by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit, is OCS’s first commercial product. OCS began hosting Onto-Express v 1.0 on its website ( in February and is now offering a five-day free trial of version 2.0. Annual subscription charges range from $1,500 for academic and non-profit organizations to $5,000 for commercial customers. Each license allows up to five users to sign in individually.

Contentsoft of Munich, Germany, has released version 1.1 of its GeneViz microarray data analysis software package and is now granting free academic licenses to qualifying non-commercial research groups at

The new release offers two data analysis methods: double conjugated clustering, a two-way agglomerative clustering method to find submatrices of tightly clustered samples and genes; and singular value decomposition sorting, which orders genes according to entries of a left singular vector and samples according to entries of a right singular vector.

CRIBI (Centro Ricerche Interdipartimentale Biotecnologie Innovative) at the University of Padova in Italy has made GenescanView, new software to visualize Genescan files, freely available through its website:

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