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BioModels, GeneMarker HID, GeneTools V3, CNAT 4.0, AGCC, Symyx Software Discovery Notebook 4.0, BioCyc 10.6, RefSeq 21

The European Bioinformatics Institute has rolled out the seventh release of its BioModels database, which is the first to include models from the Database of Quantitative Cellular Signaling. The release includes 16 models in the curated branch, and 26 in the non-curated branch, bringing the total number of reactions in the database to 6,458.

SoftGenetics has released a new version of its GeneMarker HID human identity software. The release includes simplified case evidence discrimination, a new analysis management tool, and an embedded pedigree function. GeneMarker HID accepts outputs from all Applied Biosystems capillary electrophoresis systems and all standard STR chemistries. 

Syngene has released GeneTools V3. The 1D image analysis software includes the E-Gel 96 module, which enables users to analyze E-Gel 96 gels from Invitrogen “in seconds,” the company said. Other functions include band and spot matching; Rf/molecular weight calculations; multi-layer gel analysis; and colony counting.

Affymetrix has released Copy Number Analysis Tool 4.0, which supports Affy’s 500K mapping arrays. The software includes a new hidden Markov model algorithm for identifying chromosomal gains and losses and loss of heterozygosity using high-density arrays and the whole-genome sampling assay. CNAT 4.0 also enables users to export data to upload directly into the University of California, Santa Cruz, genome browser. Affy has also released the beta-3 version of its GeneChip Command Console instrument-control software, which will replace the company’s current GeneChip Operating Software. AGCC is scheduled to launch commercially in June. It includes features for sample and array registration, data management, fluidics and scanning instrument control, as well as automatic and manual image gridding.

Symyx Technologies has released Symyx Software Discovery Notebook 4.0. The latest version includes an interface for single and parallel experimentation, an advanced software developer kit, “extensive” searching and browsing capabilities, and a pre-loaded reaction template database containing 30,000 transformations, the company said.

BioCyc 10.6 is available here. The BioCyc collection now contains Pathway/Genome Databases for 261 organisms.

RefSeq 21 is available here from the National Center for Biotechnology Information. RefSeq 21 includes 4,742,335 records, 3,234,358 proteins, and sequences from 4,079 different organisms.

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