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BioInform s Patent Roundup: Recent Patents of Interest in Bioinformatics: Mar 31, 2003


US Patent 6,539,102. Reference database. Inventors: Norman Anderson, Leigh Anderson. Assignee: Large Scale Proteomics.

Protects a method for acquiring and cataloging data used to classify polypeptides into a reference index or database. The database can be used to identify previously unidentified samples. New polypeptides are characterized and added to the database.


US Patent 6,537,751. Biallelic markers for use in constructing a high-density disequilibrium map of the human genome. Inventors: Daniel Cohen, Ilya Chumakov, Marta Blumenfeld. Assignee: Genset.

Covers methods for constructing genomic maps using biallelic markers. Primers hybridizing to regions flanking the biallelic markers are described in the patent, as are several methods to detect a statistical correlation between a biallelic marker allele and a phenotype or between a biallelic marker haplotype and a phenotype.


US Patent 6,535,819. Optimal dissimilarity method for choosing distinctive items of information from a large body of information. Inventor: Robert Clark. Assignee: Tripos.

Protects a method to improve upon hierarchical clustering on the basis of similarities or dissimilarities among a set of items and by applying selection criteria to randomly chosen subsamples of all the information. According to the inventors, the number of iterations required to select the items is no larger than the square root of the population size, making the method “much faster than the methods of the prior art.”


US Patent 6,532,462. Gene expression and evaluation system using a filter table with a gene expression database. Inventor: David Balaban. Assignee: Affymetrix.

Covers a querying framework for a gene expression database that filters a set of expression levels to reduce the set so that it may be further queried. “Using the filtering and querying provided one can easily identify genes or expressed sequence tags whose expression correlates to particular tissue types,” the inventors note.


US Patent 6,528,289. Nucleotide sequence of the Haemophilus influenzae Rd genome, fragments thereof, and uses thereof. Inventors: Robert Fleischmann, Mark Adams, Owen White, Hamilton Smith, Craig Venter. Assignees: Human Genome Sciences, Johns Hopkins University.

Covers the sequence of the entire genome of Haemophilus influenzae Rd stored on computer readable media, as well as computer-based systems and methods that facilitate its use. The patent also identifies over 1,700 protein-encoding fragments and regulatory elements.


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