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BioInform s Patent Roundup: Recent Patents of Interest in Bioinformatics: Jun 14, 2004


US Patent 6,746,844. Determining signal transduction pathways. Inventors: Jonathan Oliner, Earl Hubbell. Affymetrix.

Covers methods for reconstructing signal transduction networks from gene expression profiles. The signal transduction pathways can be reverse-engineered by experimentally manipulating individual genes; generating cellular expression profiles; and analyzing for common patterns among these profiles.

US Patent 6,745,204. System for electronically managing, finding, and/or displaying biomolecular interactions. Inventors: Christopher Hogue, Gary Bader. Assignee: Mount Sinai Hospital.

Protects a computer-implemented system for managing, finding, and/or visualizing biomolecular interactions. Each record contains a reference biomolecular interaction defined by a chemical graph and descriptive information from an external database. The information correlates the biomolecular interactions to records in the external database, and has a user interface for viewing information regarding a biomolecular interaction.

US Patent 6,745,130. Genetic motif extracting and processing apparatus, genetic motif extracting and processing method, and recording medium recorded with genetic motif extracting and processing program. Inventors: Yuichi Kawanishi, Kimitoshi Naito, Shin Miyazawa, Tatsuya Ito, Takamasa Futatsuki. Assignee: Fujitsu.

Protects an apparatus for extracting and processing genetic motifs that comprises a means for storing clarified gene arrangement information; a means for inputting gene arrangement information; a means for extracting a genetic motif; a means for retrieving gene arrangement information from the storing means; and a means for adding to and editing the gene arrangement information.

US Patent 6,743,576, US Patent 6,738,716. Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics. Inventors: James Sabry, Cynthia Adams, Eugeni Vaisberg, Anne Crompton. Assignee: Cytokinetics.

Covers a system for acquiring knowledge from cellular information that includes a database management module and a population module for categorizing and storing features such as cell size, distance between cells, cell population, or cell type from an image acquisition device. The system also has a translation module for defining a descriptor, such as a drug, from a set of selected features.

US Patent 6,742,004. Database and system for storing, comparing and displaying genomic information. Inventors: Cathryn Sabatini, Joe Don Heath, Peter Covitz, Tod Klingler, Frank Russo, Stephanie Berry. Assignee: Incyte Genomics.

Protects a relational database system for storing and manipulating biomolecular sequence information, including genomic libraries for several organisms. The libraries contain multiple genomic sequences, at least some of which represent open reading frames located along a contiguous sequence on the organisms’ genomes. The system includes a user interface capable of receiving a selection of two or more of the genomic libraries for comparison and displaying the results of the comparison.

US Patent 6,741,986. Method and system for performing information extraction and quality control for a knowledgebase. Inventors: Raymond Cho, Richard Chen, Ramon Felciano, Daniel Richards, Philippa Norman. Assignee: Ingenuity Systems.

Protects a system that extracts and stores information from articles in a distributed manner. In one embodiment, the system identifies articles from which information is to be extracted, as well as information extractors for extracting the information from the articles. A database stores information related to the articles and the information extractors.

US Patent 6,741,976. Method and system for the creation, application and processing of logical rules in connection with biological, medical or biochemical data. Inventor: Alexander Tuzhilin.

Covers a method and system for the analysis of biological, medical and/or biochemical data. The system includes a portion for receiving the data and entering it into a storage arrangement such as a relational database in accordance with the values and attributes of the data. It also includes a portion for determining discrete bins for at least one of the attributes for the data in accordance with the values of the data entered in the storage arrangement.


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