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BioInform s Patent Roundup: Recent Patents of Interest in Bioinformatics: Oct 21, 2002


US Patent 6,466,874. Rosetta stone method for detecting protein function and protein-protein interactions from genome sequences. Inventors: David Eisenberg, Edward Marcotte, Matteo Pellegrini, Michael Thompson, Todd Yeates. Assignee: The Regents of the University of California.

Protects a computational system for inferring functional links from genome sequences. Several methods are covered.


US Patent 6,453,333. Research system using multi-platform object-oriented program language for providing objects at runtime for creating and manipulating biological or chemical data to facilitate research. Inventors: Manual Glynias, Daniel Forsch, Michael Dickson, Joanne O’Dell, Michal Soclof. Assignee: Lion Bioscience.

Covers a computer-based research system in which at least one computer runs a multi-platform object-oriented programming code, and another stores drug-discovery-related data.


US Patent 6,446,011. Tandem repeat detection using pattern discovery. Aris Floratos, Isadore Rigoutsos, Gustavo Stolovitzky. Assignee: IBM

Protects an algorithm that detects tandem repeats in an input sequence.


US Patent 6,446,010. Method for assessing significance of protein identification. Inventors: Jan Eriksson, David Fenyo, Brian Chait. Assignee: Rockefeller University.

Covers a method for generating mass data for a biological molecule and for a series of random hypothetical biological molecules, and then calculating high similarity scores between mass data of each molecule generated.


US Patent 6,459,994. Methods for computer-assisted isolation of proteins. Inventors: Rajesh Parekh, James Bruce, Robin Philp, Lida Kimmel, David Friedman. Assignee: Oxford GlycoSciences.

Protects computer-assisted methods for identifying, selecting, and characterizing biomolecules in a sample using a computer-generated digital profile.


US Patent 6,456,942. Network infrastructure for custom microarray synthesis and analysis. Inventor: Brooke Anderson. Assignee: Combimatrix.

Covers a network infrastructure design that comprises a host server or servers, a microarray synthesizer, a hybridization unit, and a user interface or workstation.


US Patent 6,453,241. Method and system for analyzing biological response signal data. Inventors: Douglas Bassett, Stewart Buskirk, Andrey Bondarenko. Assignee: Rosetta Inpharmatics.

Covers a computer program for the analysis of biological response data. In one embodiment, biological datasets are graphically selected by a user from a viewer window on a computer display, projected onto one or more other viewers on the display, and the selected data is highlighted in destination viewers using contrast or color differentiation.

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