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BioInform s IP Roundup: Recent Patents in Bioinformatics: May 2, 2005


US Patent 6,882,990. Methods of identifying biological patterns using multiple data sets. Inventors: Stephen Barnhill, Isabelle Guyon, Jason Weston. Assignee: Biowulf Technologies.

Covers systems and methods for identifying biological patterns in data using multiple support vector machines. Training data for a learning machine is pre-processed in order to add meaning thereto. The invention also comprises methods and compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions.

US Patent 6,882,939. Rapid determination of protein global folds. Inventors: Steven Homans, Alexander Giesen. Assignee: ProSpect Pharma.

Protects an automated method for obtaining the three-dimensional structure of proteins using only about 20 percent to 25 percent of the data set normally required. The method involves subjecting the peptide or protein molecule to NMR analysis, assigning the molecule by computer based on the NMR analysis and measuring residual dipolar couplings of the protein in two different partially aligned states.

US Patent 6,882,742. Method and apparatus for providing a bioinformatics database. Inventors: David Balaban, Arun Aggarwal. Assignee: Affymetrix.

Protects a system and method for organizing information relating to polymer probe array chips, including oligonucleotide array chips, using a database model that organizes information relating to sample preparation, chip layout, application of samples to chips, scanning of chips, expression analysis of chip results, etc.

US Patent 6,876,930. Automated pathway recognition system. Inventors: Joseph Murray, Donna Hendrix, Daniel Chin. Assignee: AGY Therapeutics.

Protects computer-implemented systems for integrating public literature regarding gene function with data from gene expression profiling experiments. Information from literature databases relating to a particular set of DNA sequences of known expression pattern is retrieved, processed, cross-referenced, and viewed to provide further information about a particular DNA sequence to facilitate its identification as a candidate gene.

US Patent 6,876,760. Classifying cells based on information contained in cell images. Inventors: Eugeni Vaisberg, Daniel Coleman. Assignee: Cytokinetics.

Protects analysis methods for placing cells in particular cell-cycle phases based upon certain features extracted from cell images. The methods can also quantify the total amount of DNA in a cell based on specific features, such as fluorescence intensity from fluorescent molecules that bind to DNA. The methods can also characterize a cell as mitotic or interphase based on chosen parameters.


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