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Bielefeld University's CeBiTec Purchases New Hardware from Active Motif's TimeLogic


TimeLogic, an Active Motif subsidiary, said this week that the Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec) at Bielefeld University has added the latest version of its J-series field programmable gate array hardware to its suite of computational tools.

This purchase adds to an existing DeCypher system at CeBiTec that supports research into gene and protein functions. TimeLogic’s DeCypher systems use a combination of field programmable gate array-based PCIe accelerator cards and servers to run implementations of Blast, Smith-Waterman, hidden Markov model, and gene modeling algorithms.

Michael Murray, the sales & marketing manager for TimeLogic products at Active Motif, said in a statement that the newly added hardware "will run Tera-BLAST, our accelerated BLAST implementation, many hundreds of times faster than the software-only version." It will also speed up analysis workflows for things like genome annotation, comparative genomics, and metagenomics.

The financial details of the purchase were not disclosed.