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Available NIGMS Funding for Computational Systems Biology Projects


Centers of Excellence in Complex Biomedical Systems Research


Application Deadline: Oct.14, 2003

Available Funding: $6 million in 2004 to fund two to three centers. Applicants may request a project period of up to five years with a budget up to $2 million per year.

Eligibility: Domestic, nonprofit organizations and eligible agencies of the federal government.

Purpose: Centers will support multi-investigator teams with research interests that include computational modeling of processes such as the cell cycle, pattern formation during embryogenesis, and the flux of substrates and intermediates in metabolism.

Joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative to Support Research in the Area of Mathematical Biology


Application Deadline: June 30, 2004

Available Funding: 20-25 awards totaling about $6 million in fiscal years 2003-2005. Range of $100,000-$400,000 per award per year, with durations of four to five years.

Eligibility: No limitations.

Purpose: Supports research in mathematics and statistics related to mathematical biology research. Mathematical scientists and others capable of developing mathematical tools are encouraged to apply, but the work “must impact biology and advance mathematics or statistics.”

Evolutionary Mechanisms in Infectious Diseases


Ongoing Application Deadlines: Feb. 1, June 1, Oct. 1.

Available Funding: Not specified.

Purpose: Encourages development of a predictive science of infectious diseases via interdisciplinary collaborations.

Quantitative Approaches to the Analysis of Complex Biological Systems


Ongoing Application Deadlines: Feb. 1, June 1, Oct. 1.

Available funding: Not specified.

Eligibility: US and foreign academic, industrial, and government laboratories

Purpose: Supports quantitative approaches to describe, analyze, and predict the behavior of complex biological systems.

Supplements for the Study of Complex Biological Systems


Ongoing Application Deadlines: March 1, July 1, Oct. 1.

Available Funding: Not specified.

Eligibility: PI must have an active NIGMS grant.

Purpose: Supports new quantitative approaches to the study of complex biological processes by encouraging “non-traditional” collaborations with physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and other experts.


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