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ArrayAssist 5.2, Bioinformatics Toolkit, GenomeQuest 4.0, SVCell 1.0, Medaka v.1, TissueMine 1.8, SGI RASC Appliance for Bioinformatics, Geneious Pro 3.0, DiscoveryGate

Stratagene has released ArrayAssist 5.2, an update for its microarray analysis package that includes new Affymetrix file formats for exon arrays and copy number analysis. The company has also released ArrayAssist Advanced, which includes modules for expression, exon, and copy number analysis in a single package. Stratagene plans to release a new version of its PathwayArchitect software with improved Gene Ontology analysis next month.

The MathWorks has released version 2.6 of its Bioinformatics Toolkit, which includes improved support for reading Affymetrix files for gene expression, genotyping, and resequencing assays; the ability to perform background adjustment on Affy probe-level data; a new function for aligning two data sets containing sequential observations. The Bioinformatics Toolkit now also includes support for LC/MS and GC/MS data.

GenomeQuest has launched GenomeQuest 4.0, an updated version of its platform for genetic sequence data search and analysis. The new version allows customers to add in-house sequence data and annotations. The release includes a new application programming interface and includes Web 2.0 technology such as RSS feeds, tags, mashups, plug-ins, and widgets.

SVision, which provides applications of learning technologies for practical image recognition applications, has announced SVCell 1.0 version for live cell applications to address time-lapse microscopy applications. The software automatically detects and characterizes cells or subcellular objects in time-lapse images. The software is suitable for label-free applications and kinetics studies, among other applications.

The Genome Bioinformatics Group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has released a Genome Browser and Blat (Blast?) serverfor the Medaka v.1 draft assembly (Oct. 2005, UCSC version oryLat1). This assembly has been sequenced to 6.7X coverage and contains approximately 724 million base pairs on 24 chromosomes. In addition, 7,299 scaffolds comprised of nearly 36,500 contigs of unplaced sequence are shown on the virtual chromosome "chrUn".

BioImagene has announced that its TissueMine 1.8 digital pathology software will support Oracle Database 10g and Oracle interMedia, which enables the management and retrieval of images and other data within an Oracle database. The package includes a digital image acquisition feature, objective analysis, and image mining and reporting.

At this week’s Bio-IT World conference in Boston, SGI and Mitronics launched the SGI RASC Appliance for Bioinformatics, which is based on field programmable gate array technology and an accelerated version of Blast-n developed by Mitrionics.
The companies said that the appliance can perform Blast-n queries up to 16 times faster than a standard server based on Intel Itanium 2 processors, and 10 times faster than a server based on AMD Opteron processors.

Biomatters has launched Geneious Pro 3.0, a software package for searching, organizing, visualizing, and analyzing genomic information. The software has a worldwide user base of over 50,000 downloads from more than 30 countries, the company said.

Elsevier MDL has augmented its online DiscoveryGate platform with information from the Beilstein Database and 22 other scientific databases covering bioactivity, synthetic methodology, chemical sourcing, drug safety and pharmacology. The amalgamation of data includes all 9.9 million chemical structures from the Beilstein Database.

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