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2bPrecise, Mayo Clinic Collaborate On Genomics Care Protocols

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – Mayo Clinic has entered into a collaboration with precision medicine platform vendor 2bPrecise to develop and test care protocols for genomics. Concurrently, Mayo has agreed to license 2bPrecise technology for use by its own clinicians.

Specifically, 2bPrecise will incorporate existing and future electronic phenotyping algorithms from Mayo into its own platform. The Pittsburgh-based vendor, which is wholly owned by health IT giant Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, said today that it also will help other clients apply these clinical protocols to research for measuring outcomes in patients with hereditary cardiovascular diseases.

The Mayo collaboration initially will focus on one specific cardiovascular condition, familial hypercholesterolemia, the two entities said.

"The wealth of both genetic research and clinical data within the clinic is staggering. This is why we are so excited to collaborate with premier organizations like Mayo Clinic to advance genomic science and help make it clinically actionable," 2bPrecise Founder and CEO Assaf Halevy said in a statement.

2bPrecise grew out of a perception at Allscripts that the market needed tools that would help practitioners to incorporate genomic information into their routine clinical workflows. By setting it up as a separate subsidiary, Allscripts sought to position 2bPrecise as a distinct offering from various Allscripts electronic medical record systems, 2bPrecise Chief Medical Officer Joel Diamond said in 2016.

2bPrecise is cloud-based technology that applies clinical-genomic ontologies and data harmonization methods to combine genomic, clinical, and lifestyle information, and provides access to this information in a machine-readable and structured format that supports statistical analysis and pattern detection.

The platform, which sits on the back end of customers' electronic health record systems, lets clinicians search for relevant information from sources like ClinVar based on their patients' genomic and phenotypic data. It also helps simplify the process of finding, selecting, ordering, and receiving the results of genomics tests, according to the 2bPrecise.