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Telesis Bio, Cellibre Partner to Validate CRISPR Guide RNA Synthesis Instrument

NEW YORK — Telesis Bio — formerly Codex DNA — has kicked off a collaboration with manufacturing technology firm Cellibre to develop and validate an instrument for on-demand CRISPR-Cas9 guide RNA (gRNA) synthesis, the San Diego-based companies said on Wednesday.

Telesis is working to integrate its proprietary short oligonucleotide ligation assembly enzymatic DNA synthesis technology, which uses a library of short oligonucleotides that serve as building blocks to construct longer oligos, into its recently released BioXp 9600 benchtop synthetic biology system to create the BioXp Digital-to-Biological Converter instrument.

Under the partnership, Cellibre will use its in-house technologies and cell lines to evaluate and validate the system for automated gRNA synthesis, as well as to improve its own cell engineering workflows.

Additional terms of the alliance were not disclosed.