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Four RNAi-Related Patent Applications Published by the US Patent Office: Oct. 22, 2004


Title: Compounds for Modulating RNA Interference. Number: 20040204420. Filed: Aug. 5, 2003. Inventor: Tariq Rana, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

According to the patent application’s abstract, the invention “pertains to compounds effective at modulating — inhibiting or enhancing — RNA interference in a cell or organism. Therapeutic methods and pharmaceutical compositions featuring the compounds are also provided [in the application],” the abstract notes. “The invention further pertains to knock-out or knock-down cells and organisms including the compounds, and methods of analysis of gene expression profiles and proteomes.”

Title: Delivery of siRNAs. Number: 20040204377. Filed: Nov. 24, 2003. Inventor: Tariq Rana, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“The present invention provides siRNA delivery methods use in vivo or in vitro,” the patent application’s abstract states. “The delivery methods include conjugation with delivery peptides and mixing with dendrimers.”

Title: Compositions for RNA Interference and Methods of Use Thereof. Number: 20040203145. Filed: Aug. 7, 2003. Lead Inventor: Phillip Zamore, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“The present invention provides compositions for RNA interference and methods of use thereof,” according to the patent application’s abstract. “In particular, the invention provides single-stranded small interfering RNAs. Functional and genomic and proteomic methods are featured, [as are] therapeutic methods.”

Title: Modified Oligonucleotides for Use in RNA Interference. Number: 20040203024. Filed: Nov. 4, 2003. Lead Inventor: Brenda Baker, Isis Pharmaceuticals.

“The present invention provides modified oligonucleotides for use in the RNA interference pathway of gene modulation,” the patent application’s abstract states. “At least one nucleoside has a 2’-modification other than hydroxyl that gives an RNA-like 3’-endo sugar conformation. The modified oligonucleotides are also provided having a 5’-phosphate group.”

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