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Gene Expression Research

The latest news about RNA-seq, gene expression profiling, and transcriptome sequencing.

The researchers focused particularly on genes whose expression changed in the hippocampus of people with Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers used CRISPR to reintroduce an archaic variant of NOVA1 into cortical organoids to study how a human-specific variant may have affected evolution.

The researchers said this unexpected homogeneity in the cellular identity of neuroblastoma could lead to the development of targeted treatments.

As researchers embrace single-nucleus analysis to probe previously intractable tissues, companies are trying to deliver more reliable sample preparation.

Researchers have developed a higher-resolution in situ RNA sequencing method that relies on physically expanding a polymer network that holds the RNA.

Politico reports that the NYPD DNA database has grown since it announced it would be removing profiles from it.

Forbes reports that a structural biology lab at Oxford University studying the coronavirus was hacked.

Science reports that a Dutch research funding agency is combating a ransomware attack.

In Science this week: set of 64 haplotype assemblies from 32 individuals, and more.