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Epigenetics Research

News on epigenetic profiling, DNA methylation, histone modifications, epigenetic disorders in genetics, genomics, and molecular diagnostics.

The company is developing bioinformatics and DNA microarray technologies for identifying epigenetic biomarkers of health and aging.

The approach applies deep learning and could potentially be used to identify people with early-stage disease when therapies may have more of an effect.

A UCLA-led team uncovered differences in DNA methylation patterns between patients with persistent and resolving methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections.

By bringing together epigenomic profiles for hundreds of tissue samples, researchers mapped regulatory modules relevant to a range of tissue and disease types.

The approach considers kinetic signals from the DNA polymerase used in PacBio sequencing, as well as the sequence context, to determine cytosine methylation sites.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden Administration is set to make changes to federal restrictions on fetal tissue research.

NPR reports that researchers have developed chimeric embryos as part of work toward growing human organs in animals for organ transplants.

In Science this week: approach to isolated trace DNA from archaic humans from sediments, and more.

Texas Monthly looks into the DNA Zoo being collected by Baylor College of Medicine researchers.

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This webinar will discuss a study that sought to identify early biomarkers for cancer by analyzing pre-diagnosis samples from seemingly healthy individuals who were later diagnosed with cancer.