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Woodrow Myers, John Lucas, Gregory Schiffman, Mahendra Rao, Colin Foster, Illumina, ExonHit Therapeutics



Genomic Health has appointed Woodrow Myers to its board of directors. Myers is a director at Stanford University Hospital and visiting adjunct professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine and the former executive vice president and chief medical officer of WellPoint.

Myers is a former health commissioner for New York City and Indiana, past chairman of the Visiting Committee for the Harvard School of Public Health, and has served as a member of the Harvard University Board of Overseers and the Stanford University Board of Trustees. He holds medical and business degrees from Harvard and Stanford, respectively.

John Lucas, CEO and CFO at Thomas Pharmaceuticals, will resign from Sequenom's board, according to an SEC filing this week. The effective date of his resignation has not yet been set, and a reason for the move was not given.

VNUS Medical Technologies has appointed Gregory Schiffman to its board of directors. Schiffman, who will also join VNUS' audit committee, is executive vice president and chief financial officer of Affymetrix.

Invitrogen has named former NIH stem cell section chief Mahendra Rao vice president of research of its Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine business. Rao holds an MD from Bombay University in India and a PhD in developmental neurobiology from the California Institute of Technology.

Xenomics has appointed to its board Colin Foster, former CEO and president of Bayer Pharmaceuticals.


New Releases

Illumina this week launched its AutoLoader, an automated system that the company claims enables users to stage up to 40 of its Sentrix BeadChips for scanning on a BeadStation. Illumina said that AutoLoader could provide 15 hours of unattended, automated operation.

The firm also released its BeadScan 3.4 data acquisition software. Illumina claims the software can achieve scanning throughput 400 percent greater than previously possible and give the user the ability to select different scanning speeds. BeadScan 3.4 is compatible with different array configurations, the company said.

ExonHit Therapeutics this week announced that a number of its SpliceArray products are now available on the Affymetrix microarray platform.

SpliceArrays available on the GeneChip platform include arrays for GPCR, ion channel, nuclear receptors, and apoptosis pathways, the company said. Custom arrays are also available.

The French company announced its plans to make its SpliceArray products on Affy's platform in October.

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