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Serologicals, SpectruMedix, MetriGenix, NimbleGen Systems


Serologicals’ research division Chemicon will launch an OligoDetect assay for SARS. The assays, called Light Diagnostics SARS OligoDetect, use Chemicon’s OligoDetect technology in an ELISA-based colorimetric procedure using a microplate reader.

OligoDetect is a pre-tested kit that takes less than 90 minutes to run. Including sample extraction and amplification, the process typically takes less than three hours, Serologicals said.

The assays will be available as an FDA listed analyte-specific reagent from Chemicon and its worldwide distributor network.

SpectruMedix has launched a service that offers SNP and insertion/deletion discovery, genotyping, assay validation, and kit commercialization. The program will be managed from SpectruMedix’s newly built core lab in the company’s State College, Penn., facility.

Samples will be analyzed using SpectruMedix’s Reveal mutation-analysis system, which is based on temperature-gradient capillary electrophoresis. According to SpectruMedix, Reveal is a non-specific detection method that enables researchers to identify novel mutations or screen for known mutations. This method “also allows sample analysis without prior knowledge of the size or sequence of the amplicon,” SpectruMedix said.

SpectruMedix said it has entered into several collaborative research agreements for specific disease-related clinical research assay kits with industry leaders in disease discovery and screening. The first “clinical research only” kit is expected to be released before the end of the year.

MetriGenix plans before the end of the year to launch the MGX 4D Respiratory Virus Panel Array for research into markers linked to “major viral respiratory agents” like influenza, pneumoviruses, metapneumovirus, corona viruses, mumps, and measles.

The respiratory array, believed to be the first single-chip platform designed to detect these viruses, was developed with researchers at the French Laboratoire de Virologie, and the National WHO Influenza Center. The array, which contains probes to detect known respiratory viral strains, was designed to identify recently emerged influenza subtypes.

NimbleGen Systems has rolled out its human whole-genome oligo-array service. The product comprises almost 200,000 long oligo probes (60mers) with an average coverage of five probes per gene.


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