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Robert F. Friel, Jeffrey D. Capello, Gerald J. Dal Pan, Sequenom, CombiMatrix, Kreatech Biotechnology



PerkinElmer announced two promotions last week that will become effective Jan. 1.

Robert F. Friel was appointed vice chairman and elected to the Board of Directors. He was previously the company's senior vice-president and then executive vice-president and chief financial officer. Jeffrey D. Capello was appointed senior vice-president and chief financial officer from his job as PerkinElmer's vice-president of finance, including corporate control and treasury, a position he held since 2001.

The US Food and Drug Administration selected Gerald J. Dal Pan as director of the Office of Drug Safety in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research last week.

Dal Pan joined the FDA in 2000 and spent three years as a medical reviewer in the Division of Anesthetic Critical Care and Addiction Drug Products before moving to CDER's Office of Drug Safety as a division director in 2003. Prior to that, Dal Pan directed clinical research for Guilford Pharmaceuticals and HHI, LLC., Clinical Research and Statistical Services. He's a part-time assistant professor in the department of neurology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


New Releases

Although it has not officially launched the service, Sequenom is taking its first orders for gene-expression analysis, a company representative told Pharmacogenomics Reporter this week.

CombiMatrix last week launched its as well as services for the typing of influenza strains.

The Influenza Microarray can detect and type flu strains, including H5N1 bird flu as well as all other strains of Influenza A, the company said. It can also provide information on mutations and strains of flu not yet seen. It is designed to work on samples from humans as well as from birds, pigs, horses, dogs, and various other animals, according to CombiMatrix.

The Mulkiteo, Wash.-based company said that the chip is also being developed as a field-deployable biodetector using electrochemical techniques for analysis.

Kreatech Biotechnology this week launched its Small RNA Labeling Kit. The kit utilizes the Dutch firm's Universal Linkage System labeling technology to label naturally-occurring nucleic acids, regardless of size and without the need of enzymes.

Kreatech said in a statement that the kit will provide users with the reagents necessary to label 20µg of small RNA as well as its KreaPure purification columns. It also offers the ULS labeling molecule bound to GE Healthcare's CyDyes.

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