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Raj Parekh, Wilson Totten, Chad Mirkin, Michael Bozik, Amit Kumar, and Maurice Wilkins


Galapagos Genomics has appointed Raj Parekh as chairman, and Wilson Totten as a director.

Parekh, 44, is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at Abingworth, a UK-based venture capital company. He co-founded Oxford GlycoSciences in 1988 and was chief scientific officer and senior vice president of research.

Totten, 49, is CEO of ProStrakan, a company formed by the recent merger of Strakan and Proskelia. Until recently, he was R&D director at Shire. Before joining Shire, in 1998, he was vice president of clinical R&D with Astra Charnwood.

Nanosphere founder Chad Mirkin has been selected as one of the first recipients of the $2.5 million US National Institutes of Health’s Director’s Pioneer Award. Mirkin will use the award to research a protein-detection technology first reported in the September 2003 issue of Science.

The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse has hired Michael Bozik to its executive management team. Bozik joined the PLSG from Princeton, New Jersey-based Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was most recently vice president of R&D and business operations in the Worldwide Consumer Medicines and Specialty Pharmaceuticals division.

At the PLSG, Bozik will serve as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, focusing on technologies and opportunities designed to attract major venture capital to the region. His work will “seek to leverage these later-stage technologies to create sustainable later-stage anchor companies for continued and accelerated expansion of the region’s life sciences economy,” the organization said.

Bozik received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and his MD from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

CombiMatrix president and CEO Amit Kumar will become a director of start-up drug maker Leuchemix. CombiMatrix, a unit of Acacia Research, earlier this week said it will pay Leuchemix $4 million over 2 years to obtain a 33-percent stake in the company.

Maurice Wilkins, who helped solve the structure of DNA, died yesterday, the Associated Press reported today. He was 88. Wilkins won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962, together with James Watson and Francis Crick. He provided X-ray images of DNA, which led to the elucidation of the molecule’s three-dimensional structure. Wilkins was a staff member of King’s College, London.

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