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Qiagen: Jan 23, 2008

Qiagen this week launched the REPLI-g FFPE Kit, which supports the genomic analysis of fixed tissue samples.
According to the company, the product “eliminates problems associated with DNA fragmentation and damage caused by formalin fixation” through multiple displacement amplification. MDA is “a key technology in the amplification of genomic DNA, to be extended to highly degraded DNA samples derived from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue,” the company said in a statement.  
Isolating genomic data from FFPE tissue is difficult since there is a low amount of DNA available. The REPLI-g FFPE Kit maintains locus representation while amplifying the sample material, “enabling unlimited downstream analyses to be performed … without the need for prior DNA isolation,” Qiagen states.
The REPLI-g FFPE Kit is available for research use only.

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