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Pathway Genomics Launches Online Educational Tool


By Turna Ray 

Pathway Genomics
this week launched an online educational campaign to help customers discuss and better understand issues related to consumer genetic testing.

The online tool, “DNA Conversation Starters,” will be available on Pathway's website and posted on its blog, DNAction.

The educational portal, directed at Pathway's customers as well as members of the media and doctors, will include information about what can be learned from the company's genetic risk scan and ancestry test. Additionally, “DNA Conversations Starters” will provide information on many topics related to genetics, such as women's and men's health, cancer, heart disease, asthma, and nutrition.

“Through these [DNA Conversation Starters] discussions, we're hoping to grow awareness about genetic testing and provide insights on what genetic test results can and cannot tell you,” a Pathway Genomics spokesperson said. “If we find that launching a dedicated tool for physicians is necessary, we'll consider that for future programs.”

Launched in July 2009, Pathway Genomics is one of the newest players on the DTC genomics front. The company sells its Health Test scan for $299, which gauges an individual’s genetic risk for more than 90 diseases and characterizes the gene-related response to various drugs, including anticoagulants and antidepressants. The ancestry test, which gauges more than 1,000 maternal and 200 paternal haplogroups, costs $199.

A package of both the health and ancestry tests costs $399. However, in concert with the launch of "DNA Conversation Starters," Pathway is offering its full service package for $348 for 30 days beginning Jan. 18. To obtain the discounted price, customers should enter the promotional code DNASTART at checkout.

Pathway holds an agreement with StayWell Consumer Health Publishing to feature consumer health content created by scientists at Harvard Medical School. Pathway uses this content in its genetic health test report.

“Through this content licensing agreement, Pathway customers have access to additional information about a specific condition, including an overview, symptoms, diagnosis, expected duration, prevention, and treatment options,” the spokesperson said.

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