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Norgen Biotek, Invitrogen

Norgen Biotek this week launched three new nucleic acid purification kits: the Milk Bacterial DNA Isolation Kit, the Saliva DNA Isolation Kit, and the Urine Bacteria DNA Isolation Kit.
The urine and milk kits can isolate DNA from as few as 10 bacterial cells in 1 milliliter of fluid in “a few minutes,” the company said. The saliva kit isolates genomic DNA. All three are optimized for the challenge of isolation from each respective body fluid.

Invitrogen this week launched its SYBR GreenER qPCR reagent kits, which are designed for use in assays that detect gene expression levels, validate microarray data, and verify gene knockdown from RNAi experiments, among other applications, the company said in a statement. SYBR GreenER qPCR reagents feature a double-stranded DNA binding dye with an excitation/emission spectrum nearly identical to the original SYBR Green dye, Invitrogen said. The new dye fluoresces brighter and is less inhibitory of PCR, leading to greater qPCR sensitivity, the company added. 

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