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NIH Grants for Pharmacogenomics Research FY 06 Jan. 16 -- Feb. 12*

NIH Grants for Pharmacogenomics Research FY'06
Jan. 16 — Feb. 12
City, State, or Country Name
Organization Name
Principal Investigator
City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Yu, Hua E
Stat3 and anti-VEGF therapy
in cancer
La Jolla University of California San Diego Tukey,
Robert H
Regulated Properties of the Human UGT1A1 Gene
University of California San Diego Lindquist,
Jeffrey N
Role of Src in the endothelial response to VEGF
Los Angeles University of California Los Angeles Nelson,
Stanley F
SNP studies in ADHD linked regions
University of Southern California Zhou, Xianghong Jasmine
Integrative Analysis of Cross-Platform Microarray Data
San Francisco University of California San Francisco Miller, Walter L
Pharmacogenomics of Human P450 Oxidoreductase
University of California San Francisco Scanlan,
Thomas S
Ligand Pharmacology of Estrogen Receptors
Stanford Stanford University Sherlock,
Gavin J
Continued Development of Stanford Microarray Database
Emory University Morgan,
Edward T
Regulation of CYP proteins by reactive nitrogen species
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Plenge,
Robert M
Mapping HIV/AIDS genes with haplotype-based strategies
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester Bram,
Richard J
CAML in Normal and Oncogenic Functions of the EGFR
New York
Enslein Research, Inc. Enslein, Kurt Nmi
QSAR Models: Human CYP450 Drug Metabolism and Kinetics
New York Columbia University New York Morningside Firestein,
Stuart J
Microarray Analysis of Olfactory Receptor Expression
Yeshiva University Terman,
Bruce I
Nck and Crk in VEGF-Induced Endothelial Cells Migration
Ohio State University Cooke,
Glen E
Pharmacogenetic Antiplatelet Strategies in CHD Patients
Vanderbilt University Brown,
Nancy J
Pharmacogenetics of ACE inhibitor-associated angioedema
Vanderbilt University Ni, Terri T
Cross-experiment Microarray Data Normalization
Vanderbilt University Dikov,
Mikhail M
The Role of VEGF in Hematopoiesis in Cancer
Virginia Commonwealth University Abraham,
Donald J
Rational Design of Novel Estrogen Receptor Antagonists
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Petersdorf,
Effie W
Clinical Significance of MHC Haplotypes in HCT
*SOURCE: US National Institutes of Health

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