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NIH Grants for Pharmacogenomics Research FY 06

NIH Grants for Pharmacogenomics Research FY'05
January 1 – January 16*
City, State, or Country Name
Organization Name
Principal Investigator
Los Angeles
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Magoffin, Denis A
Post-translational regulation of CYP17 activity
Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Wheeler, Christopher J
EGFR activity in T cell-influenced glioma invasiveness & chemosensitivity
Stanford Stanford University Shafer, Robert W
Identification of Multi-Drug Resistant HIV-1 Isolates
Davis University of California Davis Vanwinkle, Laura S
Gonadal vs. Genomic Influences on Xenobiotic Metabolism
Davis University of California Davis Conley,
Alan J
New Paradigms of P450-mediated Steroids Metabolism
Coral Gables
University of Miami — Medical Carraway, Kermit L
Functions of HER2/ErbB2 Ligand Sialomucin Complex/Muc4
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Band, Hamid
Molecular Control of EGF Receptor Down-Regulation
Iowa City
University of Iowa Elcock, Adrian H
Computational and experimental studies of targets of protein kinase inhibitors
Boston University Charles River Campus Waxman, David J
Cytochrome P450-Endogenous Substrate Metabolism
Wayne State University Kocarek, Thomas A
Regulation of Hepatic P450s by Anti-Cholesterol Drugs
New York
University of Rochester Li, Willis X
Network Interaction between EGFR and TGFbeta Pathways
Stony Brook State University of New York Haltiwanger, Robert S
O-Glycosylation of Epidermal Growth Factor-like modules
Buffalo Roswell Park Cancer Institute Chadha, Kailash C
Biomarkers for Diagnosis and Management of Prostate Cancer
North Carolina
Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Givens, Raymond C
Blood Pressure Control by CYP3A Enzymes
Raleigh North Carolina University Raleigh Lalush,
David S
Data Analysis in Diagnositic Applications of Microarrays
Greenville East Carolina University Mccubrey, James A
Ras/Raf & PI3K/Akt Induced Breast Cancer Drug Resistance
Oregon Health and Science University Spencer, Peter S
(Neuro)toxicogenomics and Child Health
Temple University Reddy, E Premkumar
Novel Substrate Competitive Bcr-Abl Inhibitor Active Against Gleevec-Resistant CM
Vanderbilt University Ware, Lorraine B
Biomarker Profiles in the Diagnosis/Prognosis of ARDS
University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston Strobel, Henry W
CYPs/2D18 Limit Inflammation Cascade Following Brain Injury
University of Washington Rieder,
Mark J
Genetic Factors Influencing Warfarin Dose
Seattle University of Washington Rettie,
Allan E
Active Site Models of CYP4 Enzymes
*SOURCE: US National Institutes of Health

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